Code of Conduct at Euro-IX Fora

Euro-IX Fora aim to foster an environment which encourages a welcome and inclusive atmosphere, where information sharing and learning can be done in confidence. Euro-IX is dedicated to ensuring a harassment-free forum experience for everyone.
By participating in Euro-IX Fora and activities you are confirming your commitment to follow these principles;
- When you participate in Forums you commit to show respect for all.
- Attendees should address presenters and other participants with respect regardless of differences of opinion.
- Debates are welcome; however, you must do so in a way that does not embarrass the presenter and is not a personal attack. Stick to the topic at hand.
- We do not allow deliberate intimidation or sustained disruption of talks, harassment or other intimidating behaviours.
- Any behaviour of concern including inappropriate physical contact is discouraged and those found to be engaging in inappropriate behaviour will be asked to stop.
- If you are subjected to language and behaviour which makes you feel uncomfortable or hear and see any inappropriate behaviour and would like to talk to someone, then ask a member of the FPC or Meeting Organisers, who will have their badges clearly marked, or email
We are committed to assisting in diffusing misunderstandings or disagreements. However, if we cannot resolve an issue, those who are found to have acted inappropriately, may - at the discretion of the Euro-IX Board, be asked to leave a meeting and/or have their participation on the Fora mailing list subject to moderation.
Harassment and other code of conduct violations reduce the value of our event for everyone. We want you to be happy at our event!
By registering for Euro-IX Fora you agree to abide by the following Acceptable Use Policy for the Forum-supplied internet access: Do not use the internet for any illegal activities. Be considerate of your fellow Forum participants – do not to use the internet to download items which use up a lot of bandwidth.


Respect at Euro-IX Fora


By registering for and participating in Euro-IX Fora (in person and virtually) and activities you agree to abide by the principles in the Code of Conduct.
- The name and affiliation of each registered attendee will be included in the event list on the Euro-IX website. With your agreement, we would like to include your email address in the delegate list that is made available to the Forum Hosts (electronic versions). This is to facilitate the organisation of the Sunday social activity and to provide a mode of contact in case of last minute changes to itinerary or other information relating to your participation. Please tick the box on the registration page if you do NOT wish us to make your email address available.
- Individuals attending our events may be video recorded or photographed during the course of a meeting or during social activities. Photographic media may be used for promotional purposes through the Euro-IX Newsletter, Euro-IX website or by other means. If you do not consent to your comments or likeness being used, please notify the Meeting Organiser. All video media will be made available on the Euro-IX website and will be viewable only to Euro-IX Members and Patrons, via log-in access.