Virtual Events

Our virtual events include:

*Business Continuity 
*Virtual meetings 
*Panel discussions with AMS-IX
*Let's Talk, Let's Act 
*Euro-IX Talks
*Learn With Us
*Virtual Peering Series - Central Asia with ISOC and RIPE

Virtual Meetings & Fora

Giving you the opportunity to present ideas and developments on the Internet scope and what is happening at IXPs.


Euro-IX Talks

These talks include introduction to Euro-IX, updates on Euro-IX projects and collaborations including IX-F work and the IXPDB.


Panel Discussions - "Focus on what matters"

Panel series treating important topics from a global perspective, with invited guests from all areas of the Internet industry.


Let's Talk, Let's Act

A series of panel discussions led by the community to address a variety of topics affecting the development and growth of the Internet community today.


Business Continuity 

Initiated to bring the community together to share planning and other activities they have taken to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on their staff, organisation and operations.


Learn With Us 

From tutorials, workshops and online hackathons, Euro-IX's 'Learn With Us' is geared towards equipping the community with the technical skills they need, led by guest experts.


VPS-Central Asia

A series of virtual events centered on building and growing IXPs in Central Asia. The series is organised by ISOC in partnership with RIPE and Euro-IX.