European IXP Reports

These reports are compiled to get a better picture of the past and current situation regarding Internet Exchange Points: numbers of operating IXPs in Europe, amount of traffic being exchanged, number of connected parties peering there, and other relevant statistics and trends that are now appearing in the European IXP market and a general global overview.

IXP Report 2020

For this report we have analysed and combined data from the IXPDB and publicly available traffic statistics. This includes:

  •  IXPs in Europe
  • Traffic Statistics in Europe (with some global insights)
  • IXP Switching Platform Technology
2020 Report






Traffic Statistics Reports

While many large networks move to private peering to manage their traffic/costs, the overall traffic at the exchanges on the public peering LAN continues to grow. The average peak aggregated traffic (within the Euro-IX Membership) was 27.177 Gbps during 2018. On average we collected data from 57 IXPs throughout the year (within the Euro-IX Membership. Read more about Ttraffic at IXPs in the reports.



BMC Reports

The Euro-IX Benchmarking Club (BMC) was initiated in November 2004 as a means for affiliated IXPs to exchange data about their business so as to enable them to compare their performances and policies. The BMC survey questions and final reports are reviewed each year by the BMC Committee. The current members of this committee are: Stefan Wahl (ECIX), Luca Cicchelli (TOP-IX) and Frederic Libotte (BNIX).
For each round, the BMC Reports are only accessible for the Member IXPs that have taken part in the BMC Survey.